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Latest News on Computers and Technology
12 Jul 2018 16:25
Over the years technology has really grown and if asked almost all of us will answer that we love how much it has made our lives easier and more convenient. How? There are new home gadgets that are being invented from time-to-time and with these gadgets, one can easily accomplish various tasks within a short period of time.
9 Jul 2018 15:54
Once upon a time, being in your car used to be a solitary act. Today, there are literally thousands of onboard gadgets that you can use to not only make your drive easier, but more enjoyable as well. Whether you're looking to stay connected, improve your visibility or run onboard diagnostics, there are tons of nifty gadgets at your disposal.
28 Jun 2018 11:29
November 24th, 1859. The day "the origin of species" got published and the world was introduced with a unique theory of existence, reasons of existence and the processes of generation, evolution, and survival of different species. The oldest and with everlasting longevity were amoeba and others of the similar kind. They have been through all the ups and downs; through the rough phases presented by Mother Nature.
25 Jun 2018 11:08
If you are a part of an industry or an IT firm, you must be aware of mainframe and the benefits offered by this system in a plethora of areas. Through this article, we will discuss mainframe and a new member of its family.
21 Jun 2018 15:38
This article is for financial assistance and how to choose right support for money related help. many people gets cheated and scammed for improper information about financial resources.
21 Jun 2018 11:11
Computer technology is changing with the time and the nature of tasks are also getting simplified. This article is going to elaborate some emerging technology trends which will land you a dream job.
20 Jun 2018 09:46
Following on from the success of TUCS 1.0, the next edition promises a number of key innovations & ideas. The most striking (and probably important) appears to be an overhaul of various key aspects of the core "principle" of the product -- which is that if you focus on *building* a particular aspect of your life, it will typically accelerate in growth. The question is HOW to do this effectively.
20 Jun 2018 09:41
With the release of Breaking Out Of Homeostasis (BOOH) and The Ultimate Commonplace System (TUCS), Ludvig Sunstrom has become a growing name in the "self help" community. However, if you're looking at purchasing any of his works, it's important to ascertain who the individual is behind them. This article looks to discuss this, from my own experience working with him for over a year.
19 Jun 2018 14:38
No, neither am I a Ted-famous Tech geek spiritual guru nor am I in contact with the afterlife. I am just fascinated by the buzzwords "Machine Learning" and "AI" and a little overwhelmed by the number of articles mentioning those words on my news feed. I remember reading a line in a news article that "Bots are getting better at imitating humans".
18 Jun 2018 14:41
Artificial Intelligence is quite a trending topic in modern technology with many businesses adopting its use in their daily operations while others are skeptical about its relevance in the workplace. Let me show you the various benefits of AI to the workplace and how it can make your business grow as well as save time and money.
14 Jun 2018 11:41
Blockchain is a new type of internet where digital information can be distributed but not copied. This additional characteristic of this new technology is what makes Blockchain Voting a revolutionary change in the digital world.
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